A Fashionista

Hey, welcome to my weebly page. Let me introduce myself, I'm To, and if there is something I'm know for, it's to always up to date with the latest fashion. I simply enjoy the pleasure of being well dressed and of having every other girl eying my new shoes or my new accessory :)

Did I hear Fluevog?

I read an article the other day that said, the first time you enter a John Fluevog store, there are two things that come to your mind : "what was he thinking" and "how come I don't own one of these". This is the reality with the Fluevog, they have a particular look to them, but watch out for when you try a pair on, you will never forgive yourself for trying on that pair of shoe!

A Mom

But before all, I'm a mom. I have a one year old son. Needless to say that my day is busy between being a mom and everything else. When someone once told me that being a mom could be a full time job on its own, I didn't understand what she meant. Now I totally agree!! And it's so hard to be a mom without becoming the unrationnal one. It seems I want to buy everything, from organic food to natural clothes to extra wide baby gate. My hubby has to reason me once in a while so I don't become the mom I fear to become heheh.